Korea Institute of Genetic Testing Evaluation

Obtained the highest grade in accuracy of genetic testing​​ (Level A)

CAP Accreditation

​The First non-medical institution in Korea to obtain CAP accreditation

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Certified as

Clinical NGS Laboratory

NIPT Provider

Technology ​

Next-Generation Sequencing is a quick and precise technology to read out slices of DNA sequence. 

NGS can reduce the cost and time needed for genome decipher, 

and is applicable for general genomic research as well as clinical genomic research.

It is an efficient solution with feasibility of diverse application identifications.  


Chrmosomal Microarray is a test method developed to detect copy number changes in our genes

The technology do not require cell culture, allowing for shorter Turnaround Time (TAT) and higher level of accuracy.

CMA is FDA approved and is widely applied to the diagnosis of congenital disease.