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Telorisk(Telomere Test)

Don’t you want to get younger? The answer lies in telomere.

What is Telorisk (Telomere Test)?

Telorisk Test includes the examination of the length of one’s telomere indicating biological age and aging rate. It also provides personalized information that can be helpful for health management.

What is a telomere?

  • The most advanced cell health indicator winning the Novel prize for health.

  • The key factor determining human aging and lifespan.

  • Shortened length increases the risk of exposure to various diseases.

Telomere img: An objective indicator of biological age

Telomere is a specific structure at the end of the chromosome. It prevents damage to DNA and protects chromosomes by blocking the binding between chromosomes. When telomeres are shortened, chromosomal protection decreases, and when they reach a certain length, the cells no longer divide and die. Telomere is the key factor determining human aging and lifespan.

Telomere lenth is getting shortened with age.

However, telomere lenghth could be different, even iof the same age.

And this difference brings the aging rate variation.

Even identical twins may have differet aging rates if the telomere length is diffenrent.

Telomere and Aging rate

  1. Humans are made up of dozens of trillions of cells.

  2. Inside the cell, there are telomeres that determine one's aging rate and lifespan

  3. Telomeres prevent aging by protecting genetic material. Therefore, the shorter the telomeres, the faster the aging rate.

How can you benefit from Telorisk(Telomere Test)?

  • Telomere is getting shortened with age. But you can encourage telomere length and delay shortening based on the TeloRisk test result.

  • Shortened length of telomere is not only associated with aging itself, but it also increases the risk of exposure to various diseases.

  • Through periodic telomere length measurements and lifestyle checks, you can check your health status and check your risk for various diseases like the following.



Download the required documents through the link below!

This test can be performed upon request from a medical doctor.


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