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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Genome Screen

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) is a sudden death of seemingly healthy people within 1 hour onset of symptoms.

The number of annual worldwide deaths from sudden cardiac arrest is approximately 4.25 million. And many of these cases are from hereditary heart disease or arrhythmia.

People with Pathogenic Variant in the genes associated with heart disease may suffer sudden death from arrhythmia, rupture of aorta etc. without no other prior symptoms.

Inherited Heart diseases are caused by genetic factors individuals are born with.

The genes associated are different among various inherited heart diseases. And gene may be responsible for causing various heart diseases.

People born with pathogenic mutations in such genes have higher risk of having heart diseases than the others. However, with regular check-ups and preventive measures, the risk of developing diseases can be lowered.



Most Inherited Heart diseases follow autosomal recessive inheritance pattern. In case the pathogenic variant is found in test subject' it is recommended the direct family members also take the test to confirm their genetic status.


Download the required documents through the link below!


This test can be performed upon request from a medical doctor.

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