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GCG Oncomine Comprehensive Assay Plus (TMB/MSI)

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling to Detect

Cancer Driver Mutation and Guide the use of

Target Therapy and Immunotherapy

GCG Oncomine Comprehensive Assay PLUS(TMB/MSI) is a newly upgraded Solid Tumor Panel Test that covers 400+ genes and provide TMB scores and MSI status simultaneously to provide better guidance to clinicians and patients for treatment selection.

Over 150 billion US dollars are spent on cancer treatment each year. This puts financial burdens on the patients, their families and the society as a whole.

However, more than half of this money is gone to waste because the therapy is given to the wrong patients who will simply not respond to that treatment.

Save the cost spent on "Expensive Cancer Therapy"

with accurate testing to guide treatment decisions.

The features of GCG-Oncomine Comprehensive Assay PLUS (TMB/MSI)


Download the required documents through the link below!

This test can be performed upon request from a medical doctor.


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