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i-screen(Newborn Genome Screen)

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

"Is it all you see on your baby?"

This test screens all chromosomes of the newborn by NGS ( Next Generation Sequencing ) to detect chromosomal abnormalities.

i-screen (Newborn genome screening test) allows your child to be tested early on to find out if he or she is born with a genetic disorder that causes various symptoms such as autism, intellectual disability, and learning disabilities.

(Screen the entire 23 pairs of chromosomes.)

'If I knew in advance ... ' You don't have to regret it anymore.

The more accurately and accurately you can check your baby's genetic diseases, the more you can protect your child.

When a baby is just newborn, you don't feel a big difference from other children,

As the symptoms above may appear gradually,

Get the right treatment roadmap for your child

through the early screening, i-screen !


※Chromosomal disorders are genetic conditions that occur due to a problem with one of the 23 pairs of chromosomes, and there are no cure or treatment in most cases.

That is why it is important to get a faster and more accurate diagnosis for chromosomal disorders to start management therapy.


Test result will be:

1) Not detected - When no disease associated variant was found

2) X Mb deletions/insertions was detected in number N chromosome - When disease associated variant was found.


Download the required documents through the link below!


This test can be performed upon request from a medical doctor.


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