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Hereditary Hearing Loss Disease Screening

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Our baby seems have speech and language delay,

Should we suspect hearing loss?

"The frequency of congenital hearing loss is much higher than the other metabolic disorders"

"Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to management"

"50% of congenital hearing loss is from genetic cause"


GC Genome offers 2 types of hereditary hearing loss screening test


Why do we need Hereditary hearing loss screening?

70% of hereditary hearing loss develops from non-symptomatic hearing loss, which has no other symptoms from hearing loss. Hence, it is harder to suspect compared to other diseases.If you miss the discovery period, the child may develop impairments of language development, cognitive ability, reading and learning ability

If the cause of hearing loss is identified early, and appropriate measures are taken on time, the affected child’s linguistic ability can develop to a level similar to that of non-patients.


How is it different from conventional hearing test using machine??

Conventional Hearing Test: AABR, OAE

It stimulates the baby's ears and measures the responsiveness of the hearing nerve and brain. The result comes after 5 minutes, but if the baby is not in deep sleep at this moment, it is impossible to derive the result.

Genetic Test:

It detects mutations in the genes associated with hearing loss that cannot be identified by conventional hearing tests.


Test Result will be...

1) Normal

No associated genetic mutation was found.

2) Carrier(heterozygous)

1 copy of gene mutation was found among 2 chromosomes (1 pair)

3) Affected (homozygous)

2 copies of the gene mutation was found. High possibility the test subject is affected.



Download the required documents through the link below!


This test can be performed upon request from a medical doctor.


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