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Hereditary Cancer Syndrome NGS Panel Test

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hereditary Cancer Syndrome NGS Panel test diagnose the genetic variation (Pathogenic variation) that cause hereditary cancers.

Hereditary cancer, caused by an innate genetic variation, is passed on from parents to child and the risk of developing cancer is significantly higher than other sporadic cancers.


Hereditary cancer patients have the following commonalities:

  • Cancer Develops at a relatively young age.

  • Multiple cancers can develop in a patient.


- BRCA 1/BRCA2 Gene- Simultaneous or sequential development of Breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

- MLH1, MSH2 Gene - Colo rectal cancer, endometrial cancer


Most of the genes causing hereditary cancer has 50% chance of being passed on to the next generation regardless of the sex. This test covers genes known to be most relevant to hereditary cancers by the latest NCCN Guideline.

  • Positive result of some genes can provide the patient with targeted therapy opportunity

  • The family of the patients with positive test result can start specialized management for cancer.

  • Genetic counseling is required before and after taking the hereditary cancer test.


Download the required documents through the link below!


This test can be performed upon request from a medical doctor.


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