G-NIPT(Non-invasive Prenatal Test)

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

*NIPT : Non-invasive prenatal test

G-NIPT is a Non-invasive prenatal test that uses NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) method to screen for major chromosomal aneuploidies

including Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome and Patau Syndrome

from the fetal DNA present in the pregnant mother's blood.

More accurate than the existing blood test,

Faster and simpler than the amniocentesis tests.

GC Genome Offers 3 NIPT Options

In order to satisfy customers with various needs, we operate multiple NIPT options. GC Genome offers 3 versions of G-NIPT for providers and customers

to choose from based on their current needs.

Why you should select G-NIPT

1) Genome Wide Scanning: Screens all 23 pairs of chromosomes to detect not only chromosomal aneuploidies in T21, 18, 13 and sex chromosome, but also other chromosomal aneuploidies and deletion syndrome of certain sizes.