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2022. 04. 25

GC Genome made a foray into the global bussiness in earnest, Middle East/Asia, etc.

Discoverying prospective customers and Strengthing R&D, GC Genome spurs entering to the overseas marcket.


2022. 04. 15

GC Genome presented AI-Based Liquid Biopsy at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2022

Poster demonstrates the highly sensitive and accurate deep learning model for cancer detection and multi-cancer classification combining different types of cf-DNA features.


2022. 03. 16

Approval of GC Genome's New Heath Technology, 'GreenPlan HRD'

"Approved as the new biomarker for target therapy prescription to Ovarian cancer patients.
The rate of positive results for advanced ovarian cancer patient is 50%... expect to extand the pateint range of the taget therapy. "


2022. 02. 22

GC Genome Signed a supply contraction with Korea Association of Health Promotion 'Greenbiome PERIO&DENTI' test.

Greenbiome PERIO&DENTI' test identifies 10 and 7 bacterium species related to periodontitis and cavity respectively.


2022. 01. 28

GC Genome participated at 'Medlab Middle East 2022', succeeded with the first step in the Middle East market

Displaied non-invative prenatal testing and etc
Signed and MOU with middle east Medical center and big buyers.


2022. 01. 24

GC Genome & GC Well-being published in international journal... 'Osteoarthritis improvement effect of GCWB 106' thesis

Found the possibility of Chrysanthemum sawadskii var. latilobum(GCWB106) extract for personal differentiated treatment. Subject to osteoarthritis, analyzed the improvement effect of 'GCWB106' and the relation to genotype.


2021. 11. 26.

GC Genome selected as Top 10 'Frontier company' who leads global market entry

Sharing achivements at the 'conference on middle market enterprise global innovation' hosted by Ministry of Trade


2021. 07. 28.

GC Genome has signed a MOU for strategic partnership with TPG from Thailand

"Establishment of value chain in the diagnostic field such as NIPT in Thailand,
running online & offline co-promotion "


2021. 06. 24.

Chang-Seok Ki, CEO of GC Genome, received a plaque of appreciation from Korea Rare Disease Foundation

Recognized for 'genetic counseling service support project'


2021. 06. 21.

GC Genome presented on the topic of 'multi cancer diagnosis through liquid biopsy'

Held at the Korean Cancer Association conference... Eun-Hae Cho, CTO of GC Genome, participated as a speaker

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