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GC Genome was established in August 2013

as a new member of GC Family 

specializing in Clinical Genomics. 

Setting itself apart from the other players that only focus on the deciphering of DNA sequences for research purposes, 

GC Genome is moving toward the goal of utilizing genomic information for disease diagnosis, disease screening and also precision medicine. 

GC Genome leverages on the most up to date technologies including Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to provide distinguished services with shortened turnaround time, and affordable prices. 

Moreover, we continue to invest heavily on R&D activities to develop services to fulfill the unmet needs of people and participate in the advancement of various global and national research projects.


Keep an eye out for GC Genome as we develop into a frontier company in genomic diagnostics and we will answer your support with our endless efforts and challenges.  

Thank you.


Contribute to the Healthy Lives of People


The Frontier Company in Genomic Diagnostics

Mission & Vision


Launched GreenBiome Gut (Microbiome Test) 10
Launched Distribution of Guardant 360 in Korea 07


Selected as the Supervisory Institution for the Korea-Czech Republic 11
Global R&D Cooperation project    

Selected for Bio-industry Core R&D Project 10
Obtained KFDA Certification of Clinical NGS Laboratory 04
Obtained CAP accreditation 02

Launched Pharmacogenetic Test 11
Selected as a supervisory institution for Korea Post-Genome Project  08
Obtained Level A (best accuracy) from the Korea Institute of 07
Genetic Testing Evaluation     

Launched G-NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal Test) 04


07 Overall reorganization of web site
05 Launched ‘Cancer Risk Screen plus Alcohol’ (Screening Test)
04 Launched ‘Eye(or Ocular) Disease Risk Screen’ (Screening Test)
03 Launched ‘Greenbiome Perio & Denti’ (Microbiome Test)

02 Introduced WGS(Whole Genome Sequencing) for
     diagnosis domestically



10 Obtained CAP accreditation (2nd time)
04 Launched NGS-based preventive screening test Genome Screen
    (1st in Korea)


12 Registered patent for G-NIPT
09 Launched i-screen (Newborn Genome Screening Test)


04 Launched series of clinical genetic test items
- Diagnostic Exome Sequencing Service (1st in Korea) for rare disease patients
  - Type 1 Myotonic Dystrophy carrier screening
  - Hereditary Cancer Test


Genome Research Center approved by the Korean Government 12
GC Genome Established 08

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